The Consortium

The Fashion Tech Consortium is a strategic bridge linking brands, retailers and manufacturers with the innovation economy: enterprise-ready supply chain technology solution providers advancing the retail ecosystem.

Working With FTC

Startups and large corporations are not a natural fit.  Corporations are established entities with complex requirements, objectives and processes that prevent them from moving quickly.  Startups are lean, agile companies challenging business and industry standards.  The Fashion Tech Consortium bridges this gap, in a frictionless way, and connects corporations with relevant startups.


For Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers:

  • Provide a diverse portfolio of innovative vetted solutions
  • Initiate strategic partnerships
  • Share valuable global research and technology innovation
  • Supply deep industry knowledge and best practices
  • Vision into a comprehensive grouping of companies
  • Onboarding assistance

For Technology Solution Providers:

  • Business development and introductions to key retail partners
  • Access to growth capital
  • Platforms of exposure - technology showcasing
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Branding, PR, and marketing support
  • Introductions to technology partners